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                        The nadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs?(CCPPP) represents the various university-based psychology programs and psychology internship settings in nada that train professional psychologists such as clinil psychologists, counselling psychologists, and clinil neuropsychologists, as well as other branches of professional psychology.  

                        Click here to learn more about CCPPP.

                        Purpose & Goals

                        • To foster communition among its members related to professional psychology training.
                        • To promote high standards of training through the development and implementation of policies that are conducive to such standards.
                        • To represent matters of interest to other interested and affected groups and organizations, and to coordinate the implementation of services of the Council in both official languages.
                        • To advote issues of concern to members of the Council.
                        • To establish and maintain bylaws and dues as necessary for the achievement of the Councils' goals.

                        Becoming a Member of CCPPP

                        Applitions are welcome for membership in the nadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP). Click here to learn more about the goals, benefits and eligibilty of membership.

                        Applition Process and Interview

                        MATCH MADE ON EARTH 2nd EDITION

                        We are very excited to release the e-publition of Match Made on Earth, 2nd Edition https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51n8x5oita7detp/AABXjqut18ol-VtqoXTh91Hva?dl=0 It has been made available for all psychology trainees at no cost, thanks to the generous support of the CCPPP and the Match team.

                        Moving to an e-publition should have a number of advantages, such as:
                        It adjusts to different e-formats (laptop, reader, ipad, phone, etc) so you n personally adjust your view.
                        It has enhanced notetaking (underlining, highlighting, bookmarking)
                        It has enhanced navigation (live links from Table of Contents, detailed "Find" functioning)

                        APPIC Reference Form

                        APPIC continues to require their new standardized form for references (a shortened, modified version of the previous CCPPP reference form). The form n be obtained in the reference portal section at the APPIC website?http://www.appic.org/AAPI-APPA#REF

                        APPIC's public statement about membership and Accreditation


                        New Interview Notifition Process

                        At our 2017 AGM, we agreed to experiment with a two-step process to internship interview notifitions, with notifitions given to applints regarding their interview status on a Universal Notifition Date (first Friday in December), and then only begin booking interviews starting on a?Universal Response Day?on the following business day (Monday). It was met with a very positive response, and at the 2018 AGM the membership voted to continue using this process. This year, the Universal Notifition Day will be Friday?December 7, 2018, and the Universal Response Day?will be on Monday?December 10, 2018. The procedure will be the same as last year, as detailed below. As always this is of course strictly voluntary and just among CCPPP member programs.

                        Please share this information with students in your program!

                        Universal Notifition Day

                        • Internship sites inform applints of their status.
                        • If an applint is offered an interview, the internship site provides information about their interview plan (e.g., "we are holding interviews on Day X and Day Y" or “we are holding interviews during the week of January A to E,” or whatever the se may be)
                        • Applints are not expected to make any commitments on this day; they only need to gather information. Over the weekend, knowing the full picture of their interview possibilities, applints will have the opportunity to investigate airfares, etc. so that they n try to construct an interview plan that is most reasonable for their situation given the parameters set by internship sites.

                        Universal Response Day

                        • After 11:00 am in the Eastern Time zone on Monday, applints are welcome to start contacting internship sites to respond to interview offers. Please do not schedule interviews before this time.
                        • There is no requirement or expectation that all schedules will be sorted out in one day – this is just the day on which these arrangements begin; scheduling n continue on subsequent days and weeks as needed.

                        At the AGM, we also agreed to the following proposed interview dates by region for the next 2 years:

                        2019 Interview Dates

                        East/Atlantic January 2 – 16
                        Central (Ontario, except Thunder Bay) January 9 – 23
                        West (Thunder Bay and Western Provinces) January 16 – 30

                        2020 Interview Dates

                        West (Thunder Bay and Western Provinces) January 3-17?
                        Central (Ontario, except Thunder Bay) January 10-24?
                        East/Atlantic January 17-31?

                        Post-Match Vancy Service will remain available through October 31, 2019

                        Postmatch Service Instructions

                        If you would like to post your unfilled positions contact? Brent.HaymanAbello@lhsc.on.

                        Updates will be posted on our CCPPP student Facebook page


                        Program postings - please send the following information

                        1. Name of Program.
                        2. City and Province of Program.
                        3. Name of Training Director and contact information (phone and e-mail).
                        4. APA or CPA accreditation status.
                        5. URL to your web page that contains information about your program.
                        6. E-mail address that applints should use to submit applitions.
                        7. Text of your announcement. The text of your announcement should be relatively brief (maximum of 250 words). Please do not use this service to post a lengthy description of your site or program or provide information that is already available on your web site. Programs that do not have web sites n direct applints to contact the Training Director in order to learn more about the program.
                        8. Applints were instructed by APPIC to submit a cover letter and applitions. If you would like additional information such as reference letters, please list the submission package you would like to receive


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